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SMS Striker offers you range of powerful communication tools to reach your customers and create memorable experiences. You can send a message at lightening speed and be sure of maximum deliverability. Our integrated application helps you reach your customers with personalized messages and enhance customer satisfaction.

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Bulk sms service provider in India
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Bulk Sms srvice india
Bulk SMS
Bulk Sms srvice india
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Bulk Sms srvice india
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Integrate SMS Platform and market your business anywhere anyplace in a snippet. SMS Striker, leading Bulk SMS Service Provider in India, with a robust technical team and redundant infrastructure has built powerful and integral API suites for Bulk SMS Service, Short URL Service and Long Code Services. Our API’s are well framed to integrate with any third party platforms. We expedite in providing XML API Gateway, HTTP API Gateway, HTTPs API Gateway and SMPP Gateway.

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Case Studies
How SMS Striker helped Hospitals to promote effective communication ?

Modern healthcare industry is crowded with patients, Doctors, nurses, healthcare technicians and other administrative staff handling their daily chores of work. Hospitals need coordination and communication in their day to day operations and also to provide effective services to their patients. There should be effective communication between staff members internally and externally with patients and stakeholders.

Learn how Striker’s virtual number helped car travel business

Modern day Cab travel businesses are creating an innovative experience for their customers as they perform their day-to-day business activities via mobile apps and SMS that will help customers to book, check, track and communicate with the cab travels.

Learn how SMS Striker helped to increase the sales of E-commerce Enterprise

Our client is one of the major e-commerce enterprises that sell more than one million products in a month via online and it is one of the fastest growing ecommerce businesses over last four years.

Learn how SMS Striker has helped the College to procure 100% admissions.

SMS solutions helps to keep management of the education institute as well as teachers, parents and student communities to stay connected with each other. Communication is much needed to run and manage in the educational industry and to enhance better learning. In the realm of education, the usage of SMS services has increased and became easier for the management to interact and communicate that enabled them to achieve greater success and positive results.




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