Unlimited Key Words

Unlimited Keywords

Unlimited Keywords

As many enterprises have recognized texting as an important ingredient in their overall mobile marketing strategies. They have started to promote their businesses more strategically with Long Code SMS Service using unlimited keywords. Globally, marketers are incorporating mobile marketing on their top priority basis as over 50% website traffic is from mobile devices. Promoting businesses with Long Code comprising 10 digit virtual number with a set of keywords is one of the effective ways to build customer database and to increase response rates.

Enterprises can well include Long Code SMS Service with unlimited keywords on hoardings, brochures, website, storefront, social media and comprehensively on all marketing channels that will help customers to find an easy way to reach them instantly. The Long Code SMS Service is mostly used for mobile verification systems and lead generation. Furthermore, the Long Code is used for opt-in database systems, mobile ticketing, and SMS subscription activation. Long Code is designed in a way that is easy to be remembered and enable enterprises to work with operators using the same number with unlimited different popular keywords.

Dedicated Long Code SMS and Unlimited Keywords.

Cost effective and reachable efficiency makes Long Code SMS Service as one of the best solutions for successful campaigns in India. Dedicated Long Code by the enterprises with unlimited keywords is the best channel to engage their potential customers.

Features of Long Code SMS with Unlimited Keywords

  • Customized welcome messaging
  • Long Code with unlimited keywords are cost effective and also faster to implement.
  • Long Code pricing is cost-effective for the end-user or customer.
  • It is simple and extremely easy for the enterprises to select and purchase Long Code and their desired keywords. Furthermore, the setup is instant.
  • With Unlimited keywords, enterprises have the flexibility to choose desired keywords that are always available which helps in elevating the branding with recall value for the target audiences and users.
  • Enterprises can reach their target audiences with affordable and instant Long code as their Dedicated Long codes with unlimited keywords makes all the differences in bringing success in all concerns.