Longcode Reply

Long Code SMS Reply

Long Code SMS Reply

Generally when the customer sends the text message in the form of reply to the Long Code number, enterprises have the option to set automated Long Code reply as per their choice.

Long Code SMS Reply Service

  • Confirmation


    By sending Long Code SMS reply, enterprises confirm their customers that they have received the messages from them. For example "Thanks for your subscription. We will notify you whenever there is an update in the relevant industry that you have opted".

  • Option to Personalise

    Option to personalise

    Enterprises can well reflect their brand through personalised messages to their customers, though they have an auto-reply option to send out the messages.

  • Option to promote

    Option to promote

    If the customer or client has contacted the enterprise by text message, it is implied that they are interested in their products and services. It gives a great option for the enterprises to include promotional offers in their reply. For example - Thanks for signing up with us, to receive 30% off enter or text DISCOUNT.

  • Serves as a Good Customer Service

    Serves as a Good Customer Service

    Long code SMS reply service and its options helps enterprises being loyal to their customers that ultimately contribute both in short term and in long term growth of the business.