Missed Call Service

SMS with Missed Call Service

SMS with Missed Call Service

Hassle-free communication is the key for any successful business. Missed call is the most convenient, easiest and shortest path for the business to reach their customers. Moreover, it is one of the cost effective strategies for the businesses that helps in promoting their products and services.

How Missed Call Works?

  • Enterprises can choose the Missed Call number as per their choice and which can be in the form of a mobile, landline or a toll free number. Allotted Missed Call number can be promoted in the website, through SMS or by advertising. As Missed call received by the user, call gets disconnected after first ring and it gets captured in the provided dashboard.
  • This solution is being designed in such a way that even flow of multiple Missed Calls in a single minute are captured appropriately in the application. Every Missed Call is acknowledged either with SMS or Voice call. An announcement can be played after first ring of the Missed Call to avoid the confusion that the call reached on the right number.

Ways to use Missed Call Services

  • Reachability

    Lead generation

    Missed call service is one of the smartest ways to capture all the potential customers for the businesseswhich in turn provides higher revenue.

  • Cost effective strategy

    Number Verification

    Businesses can use Missed Call Services for number verification, taking feedback and enquiries. Missed call is usefulfor the confirmation in the instances cash on delivery, to initiate orders and balance enquiry.

  • Cost effective strategy

    Survey/ feedback & voting

    Missed Call numbers are used to get the feedback from the large audience and it is one of the simple and effectivetools to get instant feedback.

  • Converting visitors into customers

    Call back service

    Missed call services are used by the enterprises for their customers to get call back for any queries.