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Excel Plugin

Bulk SMS Excel Spreadsheet Plug-in

Undoubtedly, Excel usage is predominant these days. Hence, SMS Striker has innovated an extraordinary feature called Excel Plug-in which will enable to do the campaigns in large volume from Excel sheet itself.

Database of the customers is generally captured in the Excel Sheet. By integrating our Excel Plug-in into MS Excel, campaigns assortment becomes easy from spreadsheet itself which can avoid delays in campaigns. This tool is useful for any enterprise; irrespective of business nature. For instance, a financial firm can reach out their customers in sending customized messages. Compiling the customer’s data in Ms-Excel helps Organizations to do different campaigns by integrating Excel Plug-in feature.

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    Easy Accessibility

    Excel-Plug-in makes it is easy to send SMS as it is similar to Ms-Excel.

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    Large volume of SMSes can easily impulse through Excel Plug-in one go without accessing into any websites. Excel Plug-in is a hassle-free option to clientele.

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    Simple and easy

    It is suitable for all business types and helps to send it to privileged customers.