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Bulk SMS API Gateway


This User Manual is for the developers and clients who want to integrate their systems with our Developer Bulk SMS Gateway. The manual contains all the necessary API specifications required for automated SMS sending via Internet.

Required Environment

Our API requires an Internet enabled system. The Internet connection may be established:

  • Directly
  • Via a firewall
  • Via proxy server

This server-based mode of communication is extremely simple. In case of large data transfer and data security requirements, we recommend HTTP POST form, however, both HTTP POST and HTTP GET forms can be used for the service. URL encoding of all calls to the API is a must and care must be taken that parameter names are case sensitive.

API Work Flow

API Work Flow

API Reference

Message Sending Methods

Our system accepts API based messages in both - normal and XML formats. Below are the methods for sending the messages using SMS Striker APIs. If you would like to know more, please contact us.

Single Messaging API

https://www.smsstriker.com/API/sms.php?username=[000000000] &password=[000000000]&from=[000000000]&to=[000000000]&msg=[000000000]&type=1

Bulk Messaging API

https://www.smsstriker.com/API/sms.php?username=[000000000]&password=[000000000]&from=[000000000]&to=000000000, 000000000, 000000000, 000000000&msg=[000000000]&type=1

Multiple Messages to Multiple Mobile numbers API



https://www.smsstriker.com/API/dnd_check.php?username=000000000&password=000000000&to= 000000000

Get Balance API


Scheduled Messaging API


DLR Report Status wise Count

https://www.smsstriker.com/API/get_dlr_status_count.php?username=[000000000]&password= [000000000]&job_id=[000000000]&dlr_type=[x]

Add Sender ID


Get Sender Ids

https://www.smsstriker.com/API/getsenders.php?username=xxxx&password=000000000& sender=000000000

Get DLR Status

https://www.smsstriker.com/API/get_dlr_status.php?username=000000000&password=000000000& job_id=000000000


https://www.smsstriker.com/API/xmlapi.php?data=<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?><!DOCTYPE MESSAGE SYSTEM ""><MESSAGE VER="1.2"><USER USERNAME="000000000" PASSWORD="000000000"/><SMS UDH="0" CODING="1" TEXT="YOUR VERIFICATION CODE IS 12345" PROPERTY="0" ID="1"><ADDRESS FROM="SENDERID" TO="NUMBER"SEQ="1"/></SMS></MESSAGE> ​

Input Parameters Description

Parameter Description Required
username Registered UserName Yes
password Password associated to the registered User Name. Yes
from Sender Name, it should not more than 6 Characters. Yes
to Mobile Number (+91 not required). It Support to send same SMS for multiple Numbers at a time. for this, send mobile numbers with comma(,) separated. A valid 10 digit mobile number starting from 7, 8 or 9 is mandatory to be submitted via API.
For example: 9000000000, 8000000000, 7000000000.
msg SMS Text. It Supports for Long Messages. Yes
mno_msg Mobile Number associate with message along with cap(^) symbol and seprated by (~) symbol ( Ex: 97000000000^Dear John~84588000000000^Dear Sam) Yes
type For Flash SMS Type=0, Normal SMS Type=1 No
dnd_check For Promotional Account DND Check=1, Transactional DND Check=0 No
scheduled_date SMS Scheduled Date (Ex: 2017-01-01) Yes
scheduled_time SMS Scheduled Time (Ex: 10:05) Yes
sender Sender ID should be 6 Charaters length Yes
job_id Job ID is auto Genarated by system Yes
dlr_type dlr_type=0 => shows all DLR Status Count,
dlr_type=1 => shows Delivered Numbers Count,
dlr_type=2 =>shows Failed Numbers Count,
dlr_type=3 =>shows DND Numbers Count,
dlr_type=4 =>shows Invalid Numbers Count.
data The form of XML format Yes

Sample Code

Working with the Technology