Report and Analytics

Reports and Analytics

Short URL Reports and Analytics.

For any business the first and foremost vital step towards success can only be known with results. Reports play a key role in tracking the success ratio of any small scale to a large scale company. Short URL Reports and Analytics helps in generating finest reports and analytics related to URL’s instantly which gives valuable insights to make sound decisions and also to focus on the holistic efforts for all types of businesses.

Effective Reporting and Analytics enables businesses to design effective strategies and focus on their tasks effectively. SMS Striker provides responsive, easy and simple to use reporting and analytics as the tools are designed to be simple and intuitive. SMS Striker helps its clients with comprehensive reports that include Live reports, Live DLR update, Number of error codes with day to day, weekly and monthly reports.

Bulk SMS Short URL Report and Analytics Data

  • sms with short url

    Short URL Reports

    • Simpler to track the number of generated Short URL’s campaign wise.
    • Information regarding source, opens and clicks are countable.
    • Sender ID based reports
    • Businesses could focus on the minute information for reachability like time, handset, location, browser and IP used by their customers.
    • With this feature, businesses have the flexibility to generate their URL’s of choice. The most important option that can be enjoyed with this feature is that the businesses could track the particular number from which the Short URL being accessed.
  • sms with short url

    Short URL Analytics Data

    • Enterprises can track the number of times the URL has been accessed.
    • The time spent by the user.
    • Helps to know the repeated and unique number with which the Short URL being opened.