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Audio Short URL

Audio Short URL Service

SMS Striker’s Audio Short URL focuses to reach mass customers in no time as it is an audio file which is sent via in a simple SMS. With Audio Short URL, enterprises can provide much needed information of products and services in their preferred regional languages.

Benefits of Audio Short URL Service

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    Customer engagement

    SMS Striker’s Audio Short URL is suitable to comprehensive business requirements as it helps in communicating in a clear and crispy way. Designing Audio Short URL in a pleasant and innovative way helps in engaging with the customers and adds more value for the enterprise products and services. It is very apt for the busy customers as they can listen in their own leisure time.

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    Memorable brand identity

    Use of Audio URL Shortener Service regularly helps enterprises to reach target customers and can well build an effective brand for their products and services. As Audio with Short URL affects in four ways psychologically, physiologically, behaviourally and cognitively, enterprises can well record their audio innovatively with excellent background music for a greater impact.

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    Cost Effective

    SMS with Audio Short URL is one of the cost effective and time saving marketing strategies. Furthermore, with its user friendly and simple features Audio Short URL helps in promoting products and services directly to the target customers.