sms with short url

Short URL

Short URL for Reseller Bulk SMS

Your clients can create strong impressions among their customers, convey effective communication through URL Shortener Service which is one of the reliable marketing strategies.

Reseller Short URL Reports.

  • Information regarding which source and how many times the short URL has been opened can be countable.
  • To know how many Short URL’s are generated campaigns wise.
  • You can also know at what time, handset, location, browser and IP of Short URL being accessed.
  • Sender ID based reports

Reseller Short URL Analytics

  • To know the number of opens and clicks of an URL.
  • To know the amount of time spent by the user on a particular URL.
  • Helps in knowing whether it is a Unique Number or a Repeated Number in which Short URL is opened
  • You can know how much time spent on the URL