Reports and Analytics

Reports and Analytics

Reports and Analytics

Undoubtedly, Reports and Analytics are considered to be one of the important aspects SMS Striker provides comprehensive and holistic reporting and analytics that helps your clients in designing their business strategies.

SMS Striker’s Reporting and Analytics tool are designed to be excellent and of course intuitive. SMS, Short URL, Long Code Reporting and tracking helps your clients to focus on their business growth. Furthermore, you can also know instantly how well your mobile campaign is working. With SMS Striker, you can provide your clients Live Reports, DLR updates and number of error codes that includes Day to Day, Weekly and Monthly Reports.

Reseller SMS Reports and Analytics

  • sms with short url

    Reseller SMS Report Service

    • Number of sent SMS
    • Sender ID based reports
    • Type of SMS
    • Number of Missed calls
    • Number of unique missed call
    • Missed call report
    • In context of Short URL integration - how many have opened, number of opens, handset details and location can be tracked.
  • sms with short url

    Reseller SMS Report Analytics Service

    • Sent SMS time & delivery
    • Comparison can be known from Campaign to Campaign and Location to Location
    • Delivery updated information can be tracked.
    • Reports and Analytics includes month to month, week to week, day to day reports with all comparisons.