3Key Ingredients of SMS Marketing

3 key ingrediants of sms marketing

Grabbing customer attention is a challenging task for every marketer. With enormous information delivered to your customer through multiple gadgets today, your clients have low attention span and it’s getting increasingly difficult to engage targeted audience. Though SMS marketing marks the footprints of Mobile Marketing strategies, to convey a meaningful message in the limited characters is no easy task. The challenge is everything needs to be conveyed in a shorter span at a limited space within a sharp notice.

In this blog we will discuss the key ingredients of SMS Marketing that makes it immensely popular among all kinds of business.


It is important that to reach customers regularly your target audience should know about your company and hear about how you can benefit them or help them solve a problem. Visualizing a brand image is necessary and to increase engagement contextualizing a message is required. With this uphold, in an email and social media, businesses thrive to push information hoping to meet large groups or simply to get their message seen by large masses.

But this is not the case in terms of SMS Marketing. Each and every message is sent to user’s inbox and is read. To make your SMS Marketing fruitful, it is highly essential to run the campaign with a message that builds the brand and benefits the masses at the same time.

For instance:

Hotels and restaurants can propagate offers and coupons on special days like summer vacation and Valentine’s Day to returning guests – encouraging them to visit again. It’s important to note here that sending relevant messages is important to attract the right audience.

Put it Personal:

SMS messages means personalized text. It is a fact that we don’t give away our mobile numbers easily to receive a random SMS. Mobile numbers are considered to be an icon of privacy. Hence customers who join your SMS Marketing list need to be respected. So, rather than sending generic SMS messages, segregate your customers to their preferences and convey right information with a personal touch. If you send an SMS with customer name, respect their designation or give them privileged benefits you have a chance to delight them and build loyal customers.

Procure a Clear Action:

In any marketing strategy, clear and actionable call to action button judges the efficiency as it promptly dictates the level of engagement. In SMS Marketing, due to space constrictions, including an impactful CTA (Call to Action) is crucial. Unlike email and social media, SMS message is not lined for CTA buttons. Hence the whole SMS message can be propagated as a CTA. So, craft your 160 character message to the point creating urgency and grabbing your customer attention in the very first place. Frame SMS templates suggesting an immediate response from your customers. Make sure that the templates are flavored with the above discussed points – Contextual and Personalization.

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