Enhance your Food Service with SMS Marketing

enhance your food service with sms marketing

Catering to customer needs in food service industry is a challenging task. You have to find ways to provide high quality service, and then delight them to build a relationship and ultimately aim at generating returning customers. Exhibiting service consistency for every customer requires innovative marketing strategies and structured campaigns.

Restaurants and hotels are a high competition sector. To make your customers know the food quality and deliciousness, you should adopt a marketing strategy that could reinforce service, value and promotions that you do, easily to large masses without much cost.

Additionally, the marketing strategy that you choose should help you create brand salience, so that you could incline customers to your brand every time hassle freely. The taste and quality of food you provide shall help you retain customers; however, it’s the marketing campaigns that will make it a memorable experience. Implementing a marketing strategy means acquiring opportunity to interact with prospective customers in terms of new launches, promotions, take feedbacks and convey updates etc. Leveraging these possibilities in marketing channels like print ads, social media, email etc is expensive. You need a way to reach your customers in the best possible way within your budget.

Amongst, SMS Marketing is a cost effective channel to reach your customers continuously and reinforce your brand. With the help of software, you can schedule and trigger automated SMS as per needs.

Here is the example of how a restaurant could acquire and interact with prospectus via SMS platform to drive them to the restaurant and to build database, and ultimately enhance customer loyalty.

bulk sms marketing

So, how do you ensure your SMS marketing campaigns deliver you the best result?

Segregate your customers and compose a crisp message of 160 characters targeting their interests and needs. Offer coupons, deals and entice your brand to get into your customer’s inbox every time you want to. Make sure that the information you convey via SMS propels your brand. The SMS Service provider you choose should enable you to incorporate a Short URL of Image, Web, Video and Audio, Long Code and send SMS in regional language for the customers to visualize your brand in the best way.

SMS Striker offers premium Bulk SMS Service with user friendly interface. We offer easy integrations via APIs and Excel Plug-ins to effectively build your business, you can streamline your process and enhance customer loyalty like other clients we have at an affordable price.

If you want to know more contact us at 7097171717 and our consultants will help you explore your business via SMS Marketing with SMS Striker.

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