6 Reasons to use SMS as a perfect tool for recruiting

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Finding a right candidate is not an easy job for a company’s HR. A recruitment process requires time, resources along with an effective communication channel to communicate with the candidates. Approximately half of the employees searching for jobs will be working and are less approachable through a phone call during working hours. And many may not be online throughout their working hours which relatively makes hiring process lengthier.

So, it is important for the recruiters to engage applicants through various channels and platforms. HR’s do research for new methods and ways to get in touch with the applicants without disturbing their work schedule. SMS is one such channel which can help you to communicate with applicants at any point of time. To help you better understand the unique capabilities of SMS, we have come up with 6 reasons divided in two sections in this blog. At the end of this blog, you will get a clear idea of how SMS can be a perfect tool to make your recruitment process more effective.

Why SMS?

#1 – SMS is Mobile Integrated

Almost all of us are glued to mobiles at all times and are connected to internet occasionally. Studies reveal that people do keep their mobile phones at arm reach and a text message is noticed within first few of SMS delivery. On the contrary, people do fail to check their emails and social media tweets all day long.

For instance: Take a quick glance at your email and SMS inbox. Chances are high that you will have more unread emails compared to unread text message. So, as a recruiter, if you are trying to reach diversified applicants via email, then you are missing out on half of the prospective candidates.

#2 -SMS is responsive and discreet

Being in a mobile obsessed society and with high deliverability and read rates, SMS relatively reduces time that is spent for identifying a prospective candidate who is actually looking for a job.

While communicating, working applicants always look for ways that does not harm their current policies. A phone call or running through an email would neck their shoulders. In such a case, text messages can be of help. It ensures applicants to read through the message easily without getting noticed by anyone.

# 3 – Affordable, saves time and effort:

Over a call, it is highly inconvenient for you to guide applicants about venue details and other important notifications.  A simple yet efficient SMS platform can help you automate actions like reminding them of interview schedules, venue details, incorporate a geo location link, notify deadlines for sending applications etc. instantly and is relatively cost effective compared to a phone call or an email.

How a SMS platform work?

# 4 – Qualify Applicants

You can set up keyword triggers through a SMS platform. This facilitates you to capture candidate’s interests. Prospects can be made to reply with their preferred keywords to receive text notifications of required jobs openings. It not only helps in building a candidate database quantity wise but also enables you to qualify them based on their interests or preferences like work experience, core subject, designations etc.

# 5 – Pre-screen Applicants

A SMS platform allows you to pre-screen applicant whether they are interested in a position. If you have their mobile number or if any of your existing employee refers their friend and give his/her number, it does not mean that you have their consent to call them or they are open for the position. Instead with a simple SMS, you can know their preference for a specific position. In this way, you can pre-screen applicants based on their interest towards your company or position you are hiring for.

# 6 -Engage applicants in no time:

SMS helps you to convey timely updates, notifications in no time ensuring your candidates will not miss schedules or exams. Also, enables you to post new openings and close positions within a shorter span.

Being a recruiter, if you have not leveraged SMS for your hiring process, then surely you are wasting your time and resources that could eventually help you to acquire right talents for your company. To speed up your recruitment process, reach us at 7097 19 19 19.

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