How to select a SMS Service Provider

SMS Service Provider

Reaching your customers regularly with short, crisp and meaningful messages is helpful in nurturing leads. You want to deliver promotional and informative messages on time with high deliverability rates. However, in the age of internet and smart phones when people have low attention span, how do you achieve your marketing goals?

SMS Marketing is a popular way to reach your targeted customers with short messages. Now that you know SMS service is important for staying in touch with your customers you have the difficult task of selecting a service provider, as the industry is flooded with options.

Comparing only on the basis of cost is easy, but are you well prepared to understand all the factors while entering into an agreement that can ultimately help you in executing your marketing campaigns and generate more sales?

There are numerous ways you can decide which company to choose, however before reaching a conclusion you should be clear with your needs, know the services offered in the package and whether the values match. Here are few important points to remember before you sign an agreement with a SMS service provider.


The primary objective of choosing a SMS solution is to update your audience about your business with ease.  . So reliability occupies the list priority. It is highly essential to choose a reliable service provider providing maximum uptime so that you can rely at any point of time for sending your business updates in no time. SMS Striker offers 99.9% uptime to its customers across India.


SMS delivery is directly proportional to your business reach-ability. So when projecting your brand, successful message delivery could help your brand enhance customer engagement. The SMS Service provider you choose should get you clear statistics on how many messages got delivered, reason for undelivered messages, and DND numbers.


Easy to Use Interface is an important feature of SMS Striker with which creating, scheduling, triggering and sending bulk SMS is simple and hassle free. Additionally, offer feasibility to incorporate Short URL of Audio, Video, Web and Image in a SMS to help customers visualize your brand and enhance your marketing campaign. . Long Code, Unicode and Excel Plug-ins are provisioned as per needs.


As your business grows you will need to reach out to larger number of people at the same time. While choosing a SMS service provider try to find out if the service is scalable or not.SMS Striker provides SMS Solutions to multiple industries, nationally and internationally.

24by7 Support:

We have specialized support team to provide you with all necessary information on how to create and send SMS campaigns with ease. . Striker provides round the clock support and resolves your queries instantaneously.

Explore Business Globally:

Successful business should not confine its texture to home town or country. To create brand vulnerability, your business must corner opportunities regardless of state and country. Likewise your SMS Service Provider should have the caliber to showcase your business globally or internationally without any glitch. SMS Striker can support expansion of your business overseas and help you create a brand and generate leads from global market.


One of the important features your SMS Service Provider should have is providing detailed Reports and Analytics which can display in depth analysis of the SMS Service. The stats like the number of SMS delivered, undelivered, opened and how many are clicked with regards to the SMS incorporated with a Short URL is crucial and necessary metrics that your service provider should help can tailor your SMS campaign accordingly comprehending ROI.

Easy Integrations:

You do not want to keep purchasing applications for every additional service in the process. While choosing a Bulk SMS Service Provider, make sure the provider have a set of well framed and powerful APIs enabling integrations of any third party tools or open source platforms hassle freely.


Price is an important aspect to choose on a Bulk SMS Solution provider but getting a service at a relatively lower  price could cost you more on a long run as you will notice deficiency in  factors – deliverability, integrations and analytics. Also, hidden charges could add on an extra burden. While you should remember how much you can afford, focusing on services provided within the package can help you take a better decision.

The above list is only a guidance to help you make a better decision. If you need the support of an industry expert while making the decision, feel free to call us. Our consultants would be happy to help you with all expertise.

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