How to Generate Leads using Mobile Marketing ?

How to Generate Leads using Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing can be defined as Marketing which takes place via mobile devices which includes all types of phones, tablets and any type of personal digital assistant (PDAs). It may include promotions which are sent through SMS texts.

Text Marketing for Customer Engagement

Text Marketing is more effective than email marketing as it helps in increasing customer engagement which in turn helps to increase in leads.  Undoubtedly, SMS marketing programs helps to increase your business in a short period of time.

Reachability – As the SMS is read within first four minutes of time it is one of the effective strategy in developing leads for your businesses. With SMS you can reach wide range of your customers. Furthermore with SMS, you can engage your subscribers with any deals, tips, offers, discounts. Polls and surveys.

Effective Promotional Plan

Bulk sms services which is a part of the Mobile marketing helps to reach your specific audience and helps to  stay connected with your customers. Your have to focus mainly for opt-in customers. Keeping in view the target audience requirements in mind, you should send bulk sms. Asking for feedback or review from your customers with SMS will help to improve your leads..You can attract your customers through coupons codes and discounts.

Follow Up – Users who opt-in to receive sms are the keen customers who show interest to know about products and services from time to time. SMS marketing not only helps to generate new clients but also helps to bring sales from the old customers also, through effective follow up through SMS. Furthermore, SMS is immediate channel and it has a high reading rate of 97%.

Call to action

By optimizing content for small screens and keeping your message short you can well include call to action content that conveys the relevant information.

Helps to build strong customer relationship.

By sending greeting messages on important events, festivals through SMS helps to promote your business in the long run. With Bulk SMS marketing strategy, you can well generate leads for your business as SMS can be sent everywhere, where there is a phone and available on all types of phones.


If International SIM Card fails, customers may get Rs.5, 000

If International SIM Card fails, customers may get Rs.5, 000

Telecom Regulator Authority of India (TRAI) have communicated that If the consumers with global calling card and roaming card SIM card should be paid Rs 5000, if they experience any poor or patchy network coverage or service failure. Furthermore, the prepaid customers will get full refund of the amount that they have paid for the service provider.

The refund and penalty should be remitted within 15 days of time to the customers when they report and return their non-usage of card. If the 10 percent of the SIM cards that are of international found to be non working, the permits of the companies will be cancelled. Furthermore, TRAI recommends to purchase International SIM and global calling cards via Digital mode that includes Debit or Credit, net banking and other e-wallets.

Based on the number of complaints that are received from the customers, TRAI follows discussions with global card and International SIM Card companies. Based on the SMS-Survey it was revealed that about half the customers who experienced services communicated that it either worked partially and some did not work at all.

TRAI launches MyCall App to report the issues of call quality

 TRAI launches MyCall App to report the issues of call quality

“MyCall” app is introduced by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) that helps to report related to any voice quality issues that is poor or any call drops to the TRAI Authority. Presently, MyCall app can be downloaded from Google Play store and it is available only on Google Android platform. Furthermore, this app has user friendly features that help you to provide a detail oriented feedback.

As per this app, a popup will appear for the user after the call ends and enables to rate the call as per the user experience. The caller is provided with the options of rating with the stars and also to communicate where the call was made while travelling, at indoor or at outdoor.

Features of MyCall app Include.

  • Option to find feedback that is map based dashboards on the app.
  • You can also the rate the call later from the history
  • Settings related to data sync.
  • Supports Hindi language.
  • Option provided for the users to mark call as poor network or call dropped.
  • Options also provided for any scenarios like delay in audio, any disturbed background noise
  • TRAI gets instant feedback through this app