6 Reasons to use SMS as a perfect tool for recruiting

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Finding a right candidate is not an easy job for a company’s HR. A recruitment process requires time, resources along with an effective communication channel to communicate with the candidates. Approximately half of the employees searching for jobs will be working and are less approachable through a phone call during working hours. And many may not be online throughout their working hours which relatively makes hiring process lengthier.

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Why SMS is still one of the best methods to get customer feedback?

Why SMS is still one of the best methods to get customer feedback?

In any service-oriented industry, feedback plays a key role in helping companies understand customers and serve them better. The data and the facts of feedback process give businesses a deep understanding of the customer’s world and their experiences. However, managing to get customer’s attention and making it easy for them to provide a feedback without investing much time is not easy.

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How to select a SMS Service Provider

SMS Service Provider

Reaching your customers regularly with short, crisp and meaningful messages is helpful in nurturing leads. You want to deliver promotional and informative messages on time with high deliverability rates. However, in the age of internet and smart phones when people have low attention span, how do you achieve your marketing goals?

SMS Marketing is a popular way to reach your targeted customers with short messages. Now that you know SMS service is important for staying in touch with your customers you have the difficult task of selecting a service provider, as the industry is flooded with options.

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Enhance your Food Service with SMS Marketing

enhance your food service with sms marketing

Catering to customer needs in food service industry is a challenging task. You have to find ways to provide high quality service, and then delight them to build a relationship and ultimately aim at generating returning customers. Exhibiting service consistency for every customer requires innovative marketing strategies and structured campaigns.

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