Why SMS is still one of the best methods to get customer feedback?

Why SMS is still one of the best methods to get customer feedback?

In any service-oriented industry, feedback plays a key role in helping companies understand customers and serve them better. The data and the facts of feedback process give businesses a deep understanding of the customer’s world and their experiences. However, managing to get customer’s attention and making it easy for them to provide a feedback without investing much time is not easy.

Though, there are many methods and channels available from Email, Voice, Push, Social Media and all. However, one of the oldest channels – SMS is still preferred by everyone because everyone do read their SMSs.

SMS assures one hundred percent deliverability of messages; makes giving feedback easy for customers and comes at an affordable price for all business types to get going at any point in time.

Why SMS?

Email, feedback form and face-to-face interaction are becoming increasingly difficult mediums to get reviews from customers due to low attention span. However, SMS makes the process efficient and increases response rate by ensuring every message is delivered and setting up an easy process to reply.

There are strong and multiple demographic skews showing SMS/Text is still, the one best method for a getting a customer Feedback or Survey. Versta Research, member of American Association of Public Opinion Research, studies claim that, Text messages increases participation and responsive rates. Though, texting does not improve response rates, it boosts the number of user’s responding to the feedback or survey process and the responses opted via text message is accurate.

To understand deeper how SMS can help you generate a simple yet efficient feedback process, here are some of the important benefits:

High Open Rates:

With an SMS, likelihood of customers responding to your surveys or feedback process is high. They will open and read the SMS within the first few minutes of delivery.

Faster Response Rates:

SMS tool creates a convenient process for customers to respond to your survey or feedback process, gathering responses from them at a minimum time is feasible only with SMS. This speedy turnaround time helps businesses gather information from their customers, gauge satisfaction rates and make necessary changes enhancing a business brand image and customer service.

Accurate Response Rates:

SMS feedback or survey results tend to be more accurate as the customers answer the questions more honestly than over a phone call or face-to-face interaction. It is considered to be the best method to gather information from the customers within a stipulated time.

Easy Configuration:

Bulk SMS is configurable and can be sent via a platform to bulk contacts in one go. There are a number of methods to design a feedback or survey process. You can send an SMS incorporated with a Short URL, directing the recipients to the landing page or an SMS crafted with a series of questions or configure a Long Code SMS Service, enabling customers to record their choices and preferences by allowing them to choose required input from a range of keywords. Either way, you can implement a simple survey process via SMS platform.

Above all, Affordable:

Bulk SMS is affordable and a faster way to reach audience due to the SMS character limit. With minimal investment of money, time and resources, a SMS can generate high ROI at much lower rates when compared with the counterparts like phone call, print ads etc.

With this we understand that getting customer feedback can never be a challenge anymore. Also, SMS is touted as a valuable marketing medium as SMS Marketing explores businesses to reach customers with a promotional and transactional information efficiently. To know more about Bulk SMS Service, reach us at 709719 1919.

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