Why SMS Marketing is efficient to reach your customer?

why sms marketing is efficient

Communication with customer is a challenge as people have small attention span. Marketers around the world are constantly struggling to deliver messages, be read and drive more sales.

Your perfect business plan needs to be backed by a well thought marketing strategy with focus on efficient ways to reach your customers regularly. To get better results, you should target an audience and deliver personalized messages.

One of the popular channels of marketing is SMS Marketing. You can send thousands of messages to personal mobiles of your customers and start conversation, help them buy your services and run promotional campaigns. However, SMS Marketing can deliver amazing results for your business?

In this blog we will discuss eight important features of SMS Marketing that makes it immensely popular.

Flexible Channel for all Businesses:

SMS Marketing is a flexible communication channel for all business types like B2C, B2B, Public Sector, Commercial brands and internal communication. It’s widely used across retail, health-care, restaurants, hotels and logistics to streamline smooth communication process.

Efficient Reach-ability:

Mobiles are handy and attract individual attention. Text Marketing runs on all mobile types irrespective to Internet facility, and promises greater percentage of delivery and being read. Additionally, through SMS Marketing you can reach International markets without any glitch.

Result Oriented:

SMS Marketing represents a complete communication channel to reach customers on time with assured deliverability. As the mobile users send and receive numerous messages in a day, it becomes one of the most preferred marketing channels. Adding to it, SMS messages evidently shows high click through rates with the incorporation of Short URL. Most population like to set alerts to notify them of a message is received. Hence every business can be optimistic about the delivery and opening of the message.

Systematic Channel:

SMS marketing is advantageous to create, schedule and send informative messages instantly. It does not require any highly definitive templates or visual to amend a campaign. It runs simply with a text message of 160 characters to convey crisp information to bulk population. The less time consuming factor makes it an effective communication channel to propagate a promotional offer and transactional update almost instantaneously.

High open rate in the first few minutes of delivery is the amazing fact of Text Marketing when compared to email or voice call. Information carried out in minutes makes it a convenient flexible channel to focus on ROI.

User Friendly:

SMS is simple and an easy channel to propagate promotional and transactional updates. The dashboard provided keeps a track of all information respective to delivery updates, open and click through rate, making it an efficient way to reach clients.

Direct Channel:

SMS reaches the recipients inbox directly and often reminds user in the form of an alert. It pops up the information crisply as soon as it is opened and enables the users to open and read message without the need to login or open an application to that of an email.

Nowadays, with busy schedule, it is becoming a hectic process for businesses to reach the targeted audience to their interests. But SMS is a simple technique that overcomes the challenge of dropping out directly into the user’s inbox by allowing customer segmentation, personalization and customization of content accordingly.


SMS campaign is track-able and measurable in terms of delivery status, open rates and click through rates of individual SMS. This data helps businesses to track ROI of the campaign and quickly review the campaign efficiency.

Boost your brand visibility across Multiple-Channels:

SMS Marketing can be efficiently replicated across multiple marketing channels like email, TV, and Print media ads to boost brand visibility. For instance, if you are into E-commerce business, you could send an email notifying an upcoming promotional offer before you open up a sale, day before the sale and on the day of sale, you can send an SMS about the offers, coupons and discounts offered which again can be tied in your social media activity.

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