Why SMS is efficient to enhance your business reach?

Bulk SMS

We all are familiar with the word SMS (Short Message Service). These days it is used for transactional and promotional purposes more. To put it briefly, SMS is a method of broadcasting service where information is transmitted to many people at one go.

SMS is the best-chosen marketing method to communicate to a large audience about the services you are offering. It is the most cost-effective means of marketing. The Bulk SMS service provides for a user-friendly interface to send messages in no time. SMS can be sent in varied formats.

Below illustrated are the SMS types with an example:

Normal SMS:

Example: “Exquisite” is a Boutique, wants to use SMS service to broadcast their promotion offers for the New Year day (1st of Jan’19).

“Wishing you all a very happy new year, Exquisite Boutique offering great on the new year’s eve. Shop between 11 am to 4 pm to grab 50% off on everything you like today.”

Such type of SMS is sent to many people without any personal pitch in the content. Normal SMS is being used to transmit the information to a large section of people easily. Image, Audio, Video and Web URLs are provisioned into the SMS to explore the probability of an interaction with the customers.

Custom SMS:

Example: “B-Soft” is a Cloud Telephony Service provider wants to use Bulk SMS Service to broadcast a product launch of their automation tools for their premium customers.

Dear Rahul, we invite you to have the first look at our automation tools to be out tomorrow at 4 pm before we release in the market. Hope to see you. – Office24by7 Team.

Custom SMS is a type of SMS Broadcast using variable personal modification. In the above message, client’s name, date and time is variable. Wherein the interface allows you to fetch the data from the linked excel sheet or database attached.

The Bulk SMS Service Provider, SMS Striker, provisions report and analytics helping businesses to track the delivery, open rates and click-through rates

of a linked URL. Businesses can keep a track of who is actually following their business promotions. This will eventually help businesses to focus on the targeted audience. The fabulous feature of SMS Striker’s interface is that the database uploaded for sending bulk promotional messages is DND screened.

Also, SMS can be used as your business vetted strategy for advertising promotions and transmitting transactional aspects. With SMS, you can even propagate a business number like a toll-free number or any other number that you would like to record customer opinion or generate leads for a particular purpose or a missed call number for customers to reach you for free.

However, Bulk SMS is meant to transmit information. In order to make it convenient for the businesses to reach the targeted market, Unicode SMS helps to convey information in any regional language of your targeted audience.

Another simple method of using SMS broadcast is to send standard information with response to a keyword – Long Code SMS Service. For example: To check your account balance, “Enter BALANCE and send it to 79xxx.” This way, businesses can interact with the customers with a keyword.

This is how you can loop SMS Broadcast service to explore your business promotions. To know more, reach us at 7097 19 19 19.

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