Bulk Sms India

Bulk SMS Service

SMS is a simple service using which companies can send Bulk SMS to their large clientele and prospective client base. Bulk SMS is an easy, fast and economical offering, which makes it possible for companies to reach out to multiple customers at one time. Sending a standard or customized message to the database is the fundamental working principle of the service. The level of customization can be configured as per the requirement. It has quick visibility, ease of spreading message and trusted operations make Bulk SMS, a favoured mode of communication for all businesses, vendors and entities.

Bulk SMS service is extremely flexible and widely used by all types of businesses to convey promotional information and status updates to customers and by government bodies to broadcast messages of public interest.

For instance, financial organizations such as banks, insurance agencies etc., use Bulk SMS to convey the OTP and other secured related information to their customers. E-commerce companies use Bulk SMS to update buyers on their orders and transactions. Offline stores use Bulk SMS for promotions and loyalty program management.

Bulk SMS has endless possibilities and submissions which can be customized to the need of the organizations. SMS Striker extend the support in India and International for sending messages via Transactional and Promotional routes.

Transactional sms gateway service Provider in India

Transactional Bulk SMS

Basically, Transactional SMSes are meant for passing the required information and sharing records to the customers. Transactional SMS replicates the information of the transactions made by customers. Through Transactional route, OTPs, transactional codes and alerts are sent to the customer’s database. We provide Bulk Transactional SMS for Business to Business and Business to Customers. Transactional SMS contains 6 character Alphabetic Sender ID and SMSes can be sent round the clock. Transactional SMSes are sent even to DND numbers. We adhere strictly to TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) Regulations.

Promotional sms gateway service Provider in India

Promotional Bulk SMS

Promotional SMS is one of the best ways for the businesses to reach their customer’s directly. All our Promotional SMSes are provided keeping in strict adherence of TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India). Promotional SMS services are provided between 9 am to 9 pm and the messages are sent with a 6 digit numeric Sender ID. Organizations can generate instant leads through Promotional SMS and it is one of the economic ways, comparing to other forms of marketing media. Promotional SMSes are also used to send discounts, offers or any other promotions to the customers.

Why choose SMS Striker bulk SMS services

Our years of experience and expertise have helped us to design User friendly Interface (UI) with key features that add more value to our clients. Data can be imported either from notepad or excel sheet without any hassle by just using a simple copy and paste option.

  • Person to Person message option enables to send personalized messages to the users.
  • SMS Strikers File SMS feature helps to send SMSes to even huge database with ease.
  • The SMSes that businesses use to send regularly can be saved in groups and contacts form.
  • Integration with Unicode feature enables to send SMSes in regional languages.
  • Template feature saves lot of time, as it helps in sending messages which are regularly sent.
  • For developers, SMS Striker provides multiple options to integrate to CRM which are in HTTP API, HTTPS API, XML API, FTP, SMPP and Excel Plug-in.
  • SMS Striker provides Live DLR Reports and Analytics with Day to Day, Weekly and Monthly counts. Campaign to Campaign comparison probability is high.
How to send bulk sms

Bulk SMS service in India

SMS Striker bulk SMS service is predominant and effective tool to reach out targeted customers and it is one of the top choices for the businesses to promote their products and services in the present competitive business industry. There are various communication ways, out of which Bulk SMS service is only the simple service that used widely because of its features and benefits.

Why Bulk SMS

  • Cost effective

    Bulk SMS is cost-effective in comparison with other traditional marketing media like TV ads, Newspaper ads and other outdoor advertising activities. Bulk SMS provides high returns with low cost.

  • Efficient

    Users may read SMS at their leisure time and less chance of missing, thus bringing much awareness regarding to the business products and services.

  • Comprehensive promotions

    SMS is one of the best choices for launching a new product, providing discounts, limited offers and coupon promotions etc.

  • Reachability

    More than 98% of the SMS are checked and read by users which help business in capturing their attention.