Long Code SMS Services

Long Codes are another way of conveying information to prospective customers.  The Long Code uses a 10-digit virtual number to send the text-based information.  It is widely used for lead generation and mobile verification systems.

The Long Code is also used for SMS Subscription activation, Mobile ticketing and opt-in database systems.

While the sending number is closed to inbound correspondence, another number (s) can be shared in the text to elicit response in the form of call/ SMS from the receiver.  The user response information can be recorded and catalogued and used to understand consumer reaction to the marketing campaigns.

Long Codes can be provided to organisations in two ways:

Dedicated Long Code SMS

The business receives a dedicated 10-digit number, which cannot be used by another organization.  The company may use unlimited number of long-code keywords within the messages.

Shared Long Code SMS

While multiple companies share the 10-digit sender number, dedicated keywords are allocated to each company. Information collected via these dedicated keywords is shared only with the relevant company.

Features of the Long Code SMS Service

Dedicated Number

Service provides security of dedicated number with keywords.

Shared Number

Enjoy the flexibility of unlimited keywords on a shared number.

Unlimited Keywords

Unlimited keywords help entice various actions across various parameters.

Free Keywords

Enjoy a number of keywords with your virtual number.

SMS Integration

Fully integrated with SMS service to collect user response.

API Integration

The service can be integrated with any pre-existing communication software adapted by the company.


Detailed reports available across multiple filters.


Clear analytics help determine effectiveness of campaigns and provide guidance on alterations needed.

Reseller Panel

The reseller panel helps customisation and configuration of services as needed.

24/7 customer support

Efficient customer support is available 24/7.


The system checks for any redundancy in the database and ensures operations are smooth at all times.