SMS is the simplified form of Short Message Service. This is a form of a text message where an information can be shared from person to person via mobile network. A standard SMS is 160 characters long and anything above this will be automatically split up into multiple messages. Almost all handsets from basic to advanced smart/android mobile phones support SMS largely.

A single SMS/test message comprises only 160 characters and beyond this limit, the Concatenated SMS (short message service) feature splits the message into multiple parts or smaller messages by the sending device and recombines at the receiver’s end (mobile/user’s device) appearing as a single long meaningful message. Each and every message costs SMS Credits.

An SMS Gateway is an integration that allows a computer to send or receive SMS, routed into the mobile networks via SMS gateway.

Almost all enterprises from small to big scale can use SMS Striker services in accordance to that of their business requirements.
For example Advertising & Event Management, Tours & Travels, Retail, Stock Broking, Real-estate, Media & Entertainment, Insurance, Airlines, Banking, Automobile, Consumer durables, Hotels & Resorts, E-commerce Portals, Education and etc.

t will just start up in no time, all you have to do is register to create an account in smsstriker.com, choose a flexible purchase plan through your account and start using it to progress your business by sending SMS in no time.

Yes, you can. All you have to do is enter into your SMS Striker’s account using your credentials, click Add credits service, as per your requirement select SMS Credits/Long Code Credits/Short URL Credits, add the required amount and click Submit
A pop up window appears with all of your details and amount, click Order Confirm and Select Payment mode.

Sending SMS messages online is similar to that of sending SMS from your mobile, type the message you wished to convey, select contact number and click send but the only change is you are sending it through a computer.

Striker’s SMS packages are cost effective and generally quoted for very minimal price. Thus, the cost of the message depends on length or size of the SMS you designed to send and the package you opt. For more details and clarifications, kindly contact our Sales team or Support team.

Absolutely No, Striker’s SMS credits does not expire at any point of time as the credits are given with a life time validity. We value your money and so, once paid, we will make services available to you at any cost.

The length of a standard SMS is about 160 characters including spaces along with certain special characters, common accented forms, Roman characters and few Greek alphabets. Using the feature Multipart / Concatenated SMS, you can even split long SMS’s into smaller ones while sending where it recombined and shown as a single meaningful message at the receiver’s end. So, you can send maximum seven part Multipart / Concatenated SMS summing to 1000 character limit.

Our SMS Striker team will convert your promotional account to transactional account in no time provided details related to opt-in, addendum and template approval. As soon as your account is converted, you will receive an email notification from our support team

Yes, you can have multiple sender ID approved for your transactional account and there are no additional charges for it. We only need signed scanned consent letter on your business letterhead clearly to get Sender ID approval.

SMS Strikers support team takes only few minutes to approve templates and does it in no time.

As a transactional account holder of SMS Striker, you don’t have the option to switch it to promotional account. Thus you have to create a new account and purchase credits to do product promotional campaigns.

Yes, Unicode SMS feature allows you to send SMS in regional languages like Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Gujarati and Malayalam.

Unicode message is a SMS feature where a message can be send in regional languages.

SMS Striker provides real time reports and analytics by tracking each and every single message sent and can be viewed in Service Reports of User Panel/UI.

SMS Striker does not provide data or share data as such to any of our members or account holders but if you request us to do campaign on behalf of you for your products, we do campaigning to progress your business scale in the very best way. However we offer Long Code, Short URL and Missed Call service which are effective in lead generation for collecting opt –in numbers from your customers. Such services can be used for enhancing business progress.

Login to your User Account using credentials and under API attribute you will find SMS API key is the API hash key for your sub accounts.

Yes, you can send messages outside India.

Sure, your sender name can be your entity name but make sure that it is a 6 digit alphabetic name which appears on the mobile phone as the Sender ID. Let it be catchy and appealing to your clients in the first place to recognize your entity.

Very well, SMS Striker offers flexible options to schedule and postpone sending SMS’s to later dates.

Send Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS is not only the cheapest but considered to be the best marketing strategy as SMS has the highest open ratio of 92% hence giving maximum ROI numbers. It works via Bulk SMS API Gateway. Messages are being send to mobile users via this web based service or SMS API Gateway. For this, one need to generate 6 digit alphabetic name or a numeric number Sender ID that can easily be created by Striker’s support team in no time.

SMS Striker User panel provides flexible options like Normal SMS, File SMS, Unicode SMS and Custom SMS, each with unique functionality, based on the requirement you can send SMS.
Normal SMS and Flash SMS: Stored in the sim or receiving phone memory by default but simple and user friendly option to send bulk SMS. It allows you to copy paste 10 digit mobile numbers in bulk from any format as per your requirement. Flash SMS’s pop ups on the mobile screen without saving in the SIM or receivers phone memory.
File SMS: Using this feature, you can upload excel sheet containing database of mobile numbers.
Custom SMS: SMS can be personalized as per the need and requirement and such SMS can be sent to unique numbers at once.
Unicode SMS: Where SMS’s can be send in regional language.
Under SMS Service in User Panel, you can find these four options and are allowed to use as per your business requirement.
Apart from this, Bulk SMS are classified into two types: Promotional SMS and Transactional SMS.
Promotional SMS: SMS routes are commonly used for promotions, upselling and advertising your products and services but are send only between 9 am to 9 pm only and are not sent to DND numbers.
Transactional SMS: SMS routes are used for sending SMS to those who opt-in for the services as an acknowledgement in regards to the services availed by them. Such SMS delivers 24/7 and are sent to DND numbers also.

It will just start up in no time, all you have to do is register to create an account with smsstriker.com. Once you register with us, using credentials choose a flexible purchase plan and buy SMS credits online from your striker’s account through online payment gateway methods like RTGS / NEFT, Net Banking, Debit Card and Credit Card/cash/DD/Cheque. Once the payment is successful, the purchased SMS credits gets credited to your account immediately.

SMS Striker offers high reliable, performance driven and cost effective Bulk SMS at cheaper rates. For more information on high volume and prices, kindly connect our support or sales team.

There is no set time, it takes hardly few minutes to send Bulk SMS and you can send immediately or schedule it to be sent at a later point of time.

There is no limit for sending Bulk messages but while resending a campaign make sure that you are sending it after a gap of at least 10 min to avoid customer’s inconvenience.

Yes, you can integrate the SMS Striker Bulk SMS gateway into your application.

Yes, SMS Striker provide a free trail within seconds and can get 50 SMS with life time validity. If you like our service after free trail then join hands with us to improve your business scale by paying only for the text you send through us.

TRAI Regulations

DND means Do Not Disturb, TRAI initiated this to protect consumers from getting unsolicited SMS or Calls. If a person registers his or her mobile number with DND, then the telemarketers sending any sort of promotional SMS or Calls to those numbers is illegal.

SMS has become the best marketing strategy due to its cost effective and high reachable efficiency for selling products and services. This is the reason why it became a serious irritant to customers. In order to avoid such, TRAI initiated "The Telecom Commercial Communication Customer Preference Regulations, 2010". All the provisions of regulations came into effect from 27th September, 2011. The complete guidelines can be accessed in the TRAI portal.
We, SMS Striker are very keen on prescribing regulatory guidelines across our panel to ensure TRAI criteria’s are met starting from account set up to day to day ongoing operations.

Unsolicited Commercial Communication means any commercial communication which the consumer opt not to receive excluding transactional message or any message communicated by the Central or State government or Authorized agencies associated with it.

National Customer Preference Register (NCPR) means a National database containing a list of all the subscriber’s telephone numbers who have registered their preferences regarding receipt of commercial communications.

Transactional SMS: The SMS sent with an objective to inform customers about their availed services.
For instance:
A message sent by Bank to an Account holder regarding their outstanding balance or pending loan details etc.
Basic features:

  • 6 character alphabetic Sender ID
  • Can send 24by7by365
  • Messages get delivered to DND numbers
  • Instant delivery and reports
  • Via Web interface based/HTTP API
  • SMS works on Template basis

Promotional SMS: The SMS sent with an objective to promote and to create awareness about a company’s new products or services. For instance: Avail 50% off on kids wear.
Basic Features:

  • Messages are delivered only between 9 am to 9 pm only.
  • Instant delivery and reports
  • SMS are not sent to DND numbers
  • Automatic DND filtration available.

Promotional message:
Any kind of promotional or marketing or advertising activity to inform or to create awareness about your new products or services are get categorized as promotional messages.

Transactional message
Any kind of message passed to your customers to inform them about the their services like account status, to send invoice details, OTP’s, ticket confirmation alerts, sending appointment status and many more are categorized as Transactional Messages.

Fully blocked means opt out from receiving all types of commercial communication that is subscribers who are registered with National DND not to receive any type of commercial communication.
Partially blocked means opted out from receiving all commercial messages except those categories preferred by the consumer that is subscribers register with NDNC opting in to receive promotional messages from one or more of the following categories:

  • Banks
  • Education
  • Consumer goods and Automobiles
  • Tourism
  • Insurance
  • Health
  • Communication/broadcasting/Entertainment

One can register in NCPR by dialing 1909 or by sending SMS to 1909. For detailed information, kindly visit www.nccptrai.gov.in click – “how to register” – “information for customers”.

Yes, documents are required for sending transactional messages but no documents are required for sending Promotional messages. Get registered for a free trial with SMS Striker and start sending messages.
If needed any help regarding registration process or purchase plans, please contact our support or sales team.

No, SMS Striker does this for you, our automated DND surfing technique removes all DND number depending upon the nature of communication and account type (Transactional/Promotional). We also take partially blocked categories to that of TRAI regulations and continue to send SMS to their preferred categories.

Yes, Promotional messages from a particular category can be sent to DND subscribers when they opt to receive messages.

As per TRAI regulations, transactional messages can be sent 24*7 but promotional messages can be sent between 9 am to 9 pm.

No, your account will be blocked until the issue settles down. This is to make sure that no customers are violated with unsolicited SMS from you.

For sending end user messages, you can request for a Transactional account. For more details kindly write to us support@smsstriker.com or call us at 7097 19 19 19, we will guide you accordingly.
We will ask for certain documents, share us those signed scanned documents for further process.

  • Indemnity of TRAI Compliance
  • Consent letter.
As part of the process, you need to get Sender ID and message template approved. You can raise a request of these from your SMS Striker account.

Yes, as per TRAI regulations, customers who wish to send stock market or trading alerts to their consumers are required to register with SEBI / IRDA / AMFI / NCDEX / MCX and necessary documents should be provided to us after you register with SMS Striker.