SMS Striker API Services

Mobile Phone Number Format

A valid 10 digit mobile number starting from 7, 8 or 9 is mandatory to be submitted via API. For example: 9xxxxxxxxx, 8xxxxxxxxx, 7xxxxxxxxx.

Input Parameters Description
UsernameRegistered UserName
PasswordPassword associated to the registered UserName.
FromSender Name, it should not more than 6 Characters.
ToMobile Number (+91 not required). It Support to send same SMS for multiple Numbers at a time. for this, send mobile numbers with comma(,) Separated.
Message SMS Text. It Supports for Long Messages.
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bulk sms gateway api

Message Sending Methods

Our system accepts API based messages in both - normal and XML formats.  Below are the methods for sending the messages using SMS Striker APIs.  If you would like to know more, please contact us.

Single Messaging API[xxxxxx]&password=[xxxxxx]&from=[xxxxxxxx]&to=[xxxxxxxxxx]&msg=[xxxx]&type=1

Bulk Messaging API[xxxxxx]&password=[xxxxxx]&from=[xxxxxxxx]&to=xxxxxx, xxxxxx, xxxx, xxxxx&msg=[xxxx]&type=1

Multiple Messages to Multiple Mobile numbers API &mno_msg=xxxxxx^xxxxxx~xxxxxx^xxxxxx~xxxxxx^xxxxxx&type=1&dnd_check=0


Get Balance API

Scheduled Messaging API[xxxxxx]&password=[xxxxxx]&from=[xxxxxxxx]&to=[xxxxxx]&msg=[xxxx]&type=1&scheduled_date=[YYYY-MM-DD]&scheduled_time=[HH:MM]