SMS to Bank on anywhere anytime

sms to bank on any where any time

We are facilitated to pay for our taxi rides, pizzas, order food, buy clothes, books or transfer funds with just a finger click on smartphone. Technology has made life easier and brought the world closer. Smart phones have become a necessary gadget because of its usability.

People are using smartphone to transfer funds, make payments and for any transaction.  With growing financial literacy visiting a bank has become almost negligible. You literally have the world in your pocket with a phone and Internet. The question is how banks can leverage this changing phenomena to reach customers and develop a relationship.

For 24-hour customer service:

Better customer service can lead to greater customer satisfaction, which in turn benefits enterprises. But to improve customer service, interaction plays a key role. Since Mobile commands the attention of customers, bankers and financial providers are moving towards a mobile-first approach. To do so, they require a communication channel based out of mobile to deliver the real time updates to consumers. One of the most was to achieve this is SMS Marketing. SMS marketing has unbelievable high deliverability rates and is being chosen a major means of communication by companies across multiple sectors. Banks can notify customers with transactional alerts, notifications, security pins, OTP’s, payment confirmations, due payments, successful withdrawals and deposits etc., in no time. Banking providers using Bulk SMS Service not only to make transactions complete, but also streamline customer experience with embedded links to redirect them to the login page or account information page and help them complete transactions, raise transaction related queries, service requests, payments etc. using one device. Unlike Net banking, SMS does not demand high end device and internet connectivity. A simple SMS allows your customers to request and receive information quickly without accessing Personal Online Banking or Mobile Banking. Thus banks can easily update information and know customers preferences via varied Bulk SMS Services.

For instance: With Long Code Service, Customers can be directed to notify their preferences to the predefined banking number for balance enquiry, cheque status enquiry, cheque book request, and banks can reply back with the requested information instantly. Customers can get the details feasibly with the corresponding keywords.

Creating a seamless customer experience:

To adapt to the changing dynamics of banking and financial providers, integrations with the existing CRM or any software application to SMS marketing platform can wave off intensive processes like loans, mortgages and communication hassles. SMS Striker integrations are redundantly built with powerful API suites and once integrated, SMS updates can be automated. It helps build customer profile with extractable real time reports and analytics.

Customers become vigilant in money matters. As the financial industry marches towards the digital transformation, consumers do fear for risks and security with regard to the information shared by them and vice versa. Additionally, the transactional authorizations and authentications have to be immediate. The solution that can alert consumers instantly and digitally with utmost security is SMS, as it is sent to the user’s registered mobile number. Hence SMS service can help banking and financial sector deliver transactional updates on the move yet ensure safety. It can streamline customer service and communications on a single platform.SMS Gateway Servers of SMS Striker are redundant with multiple operator connectivity to automate sending bulk SMS at any point in time.

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